EZManip is the only software that provides seemless integration of projects developped in the language of SAS and R.

R Programming

Create your programs in R like you would in SAS language. Access and visually manipulate data like never before

SAS Development

SAS Language has never been this easy to use. Develop programs using tailored features only available in EZManip

Statistical Analysis

Discover EZManip one-click statistical functions and visual cues to speed up your analysis

Enterprise Support

Contact us to find out how we can help you take advantage of the full power of EZManip


Some Features

SAS Development
R Programming
Team Collaboration
No Locked Dataset
Assisted Smart Code Editing
Enhanced Data Viewing
Integrated Version Control
Source, Log and Output Synchonization
One Click Statistics
Lots more features…


Let's learn some facts about EZManip

  • EZManip is the only publicly available Integrated Development Environment that allows to program on multiple projects using the R and/or SAS language

  • Open multiple datasets, apply filter to them, make modifications.The data can be refreshed while keeping them opened and the filters applied.

  • EZManip increases team collaboration and integrates with all current versioning systems like Git, Mercurial and Subversion