Enhanced Dataviewer

Take a new look at your data

  • Datasets do not get locked when opened

  • Columns and cells display useful information

  • Display frequency and descriptive statistics with one click

  • Open dataset columns attached formats

  • Countless additional features

Smart Editor

Effortless code editing

Drag and drop code to speed programming
Write code in R and SAS language
Active syntax error checking and predictive typing
Work with a synchronized editor, log and output
Lots more editing features…

Additional Features

Lots more features than we can list

  • Code versioning and diff integration

  • Work on multiple projects and/or files and/or languages at the same time

  • Intuitive code navigator an object properties

  • Automate repetitive tasks using macros

  • Countless additional features


Let's learn some facts about EZManip

  • EZManip is the only publicly available Integrated Development Environment that allows to program on multiple projects using the R and/or SAS language

  • Open multiple datasets, apply filter to them, make modifications.The data can be refreshed while keeping them opened and the filters applied.

  • EZManip increases team collaboration and integrates with all current versioning systems like Git, Mercurial and Subversion